What could be better than treating yourself to a much-needed spa facial? How about getting 50% off your very first one? For Dermaplaning Tulsa, the best place to go is Therapeutic Touch. They are the highest-rated and most reviewed spa facial in Jenks. They also service Broken Arrow, Tulsa, and the Bixby areas. With our passionate and highly skilled team, we will make sure to provide you with the most relaxing experience ever that will leave you in Nirvana.

As the cold winter air is coming into the area, everyone’s skin is starting to dry up. A great way to help hydrate your skin and keep it healthy during this cold and dry season, is to get a facial. This is also a great gift for your loved one especially if they have sensitive skin. A great service for those with sensitive skin is dermaplaning. This is a gentler option than chemical peels and microdermabrasion. The company is the very best in Dermaplaning Tulsa.

This holiday season either you or a woman in your life is probably looking forward to all of the wonderful holiday parties that are coming up. A great way to help get ready for those is coming to Therapeutic Touch in getting a facial or one of our other services. While there are many places that offer Dermaplaning Tulsa, Therapeutic Touch offers this service as well as many more. Their focus is to help you not only look better but also feel better. For women with unruly or faint eyebrows, they offer eyebrow tinting and waxing, as well as back facials, dermaplaning, and spa facials. They can help you get in tip top shape for the holiday seasons.

Believe it or not getting a facial is one of the best ways to take care of your skin. It is a multi-step skin treatment that not only cleanses and exfoliates your skin but also nourishes it promoting a clear and well-hydrated complexion that can help your skin look younger. Some of the varying benefits of having facial or reduced stress, cleansing and toning of the skin, and even helping treat problem areas such as wrinkles and action. Each of our facials come with an eight-step process that helps cleanse, exfoliate, relieve stress and tension, increase blood flow, as well as moisturize and protect your skin. Patient massages can also help detoxify your skin and if you have whiteheads or blackheads can be extracted for you leaving your skin clean, clear, and bright.

Because our focus is to help you not only look better but also feel better, we also give you advice on home care. We recommend that you cleanse your skin of dirt and makeup to prevent the clogging of your pores, which in turn keeps your skin clean and healthy. You should also use a moisturizer and sunscreen to help protect and hydrate your skin. Give us a call today at 918-939-9822 or visit Therapeutictouchfacials.com to schedule your very first facial with us today, and get 50% off. We promise that we will blow your socks off, but we’ll keep the heater on to make sure your feet don’t get cold.

If you are ready for your very first facial ever, or just your first one with us you can either give us a call or book online. As the highest-rated and most reviewed spa facial in Jenks, we know that we provide the best Dermaplaning Tulsa. With our extremely talented and knowledgeable team, we are going to provide you the best experience that you could ever have.

With the holiday season approaching, and the area becomes cold and dry, your skin is also going to become dry and flaky. This is the perfect time to get your skin rejuvenated and rehydrated for all of the holiday parties in which you were going to attend. Whether you are looking for Dermaplaning Tulsa, or maybe even just a spa facial Therapeutic Touch can provide it all. With these holiday parties coming up we know you are going to want to try and break out that beautiful low back dress that she would have been saving all year long, however how are you supposed to get rid of all of that back acne?

You can come get a back facial at Therapeutic Touch, and while you’re at it you can also get an eyebrow tinting or waxing as well as dermaplaning. These cold dry seasons are the perfect time to look for Dermaplaning Tulsa. Since facials not only help to stimulate blood circulation in your skin but also help relieve the stress, exfoliate and cleanse your skin, and even makes it glow, but in a good way not like Rudolph. By getting a facial you can also help detoxify your skin and remove whiteheads or blackheads by getting extractions.

We start with steaming your face to prepare it and open your pores to help better get a deep cleanse. This also loosens the dirt and makeup on the skin making it easier for us to do extractions and cleaning your face thoroughly. Next week lens which is basically a swash that will remove any makeup entered from your face to help prepare for the rest of your treatment and masks. We then perform a consultation by covering your eyes with moistened pads and locating any problem areas and then deciding treatment. We then exfoliate your skin which helps to remove all of your dead skin cells using a brush or different scrubs. We then perform extractions, which clears any clogged pores. We then perform a facial massage that relieves stress, relieves tension, increases blood flow, relieves tense muscles, and decreases fine lines.

We then add moisturizer to the most sensitive areas of your skin which are, the face, ears, neck and chest. Regularly moisturizing can help give your skin the boost it needs to repair itself and stay healthy. Lastly along with moisturizer we apply sunscreen which can help protect your skin from sun damage, as well as UBA and UVB radiation. Give us a call today at 918-939-9822 to schedule your first facial with us for 50% off. Or if you are short on time book online by filling out your information at Therapeutictouchfacials.com, and we will contact you. While you are on our website read our reviews and watch our video testimonials, to show you how we have helped others and how we can help you.