Dermaplaning Tulsa is the best salon out there because as soon as you step into the door you will discover a sense of peace. Through the environment and throughout the experience you will begin to discover how peaceful it is to enjoy the whole experience. They provide you with explicit service and the most amazing facials ever provided. The whole experience will blow your mind and you will soon discover why we are the best in town!

If you love to get facials you will love us at Dermaplaning Tulsa. We provide the most amazing experience for you and your loved ones! Their eight-step process in facials will be provided for each service as she begins with steaming your face to open your pores. Annie is a one-of-a-kind facialist because she loves what she does and it is her passion. Annies passion is to make you feel beautiful within your own skin as well as provide you with holistic skincare to heal your stress and cause you to have less tension! Who wouldn’t love that? I know I would especially with the amount of tension I carry in my back, woo!

The good thing about this salon is that they don’t just offer Dermaplaning Tulsa, but they offer facials for the back and face. As well as eyebrow tinting and waxing for your eyebrows and upper lip! Getting rid of all your unwanted hair in any place because Dermaplaning is a way to get rid of all that peach fuzz that most of us cannot see but we know is there, once it is gone we are able to see a big difference that one simple session of dermaplaning can do. Dinner planning is a simple process that only professionals can use so do not try to do it at home by yourself or it could cause damage. it is a process that uses a straight razor and gets all of the unwanted hair out of your face to leave it smooth and perfect.

All of the services that this salon provides are done by the one and only Annie who is amazing at what she does and can provide you with the most amazing experience throughout your whole body! She takes her time in allowing herself to get familiar with your skin to provide you with the best results that your skin is going to need. She will also provide you with knowledge in order for you to take home and provide the care that you will need for your skin in order to keep it looking and feeling its best that is a good way to take care of your skin at home and in order for it to continue to thrive.

If you’re ready to start your process and get a sense of peace and relief feel free to give us a call to book your next appointment with Annie and don’t forget to tell your loved ones in order for them to experience the same experience our number is 918-939-9822. You can also check us out online on our website at

Dermaplaning Tulsa | Let Us Help Your Skin

Dermaplaning Tulsa wants to be your next home! Let us provide you with the best possible skin care in order for your skin to thrive and have that natural glow! The Services that Annie provides at her Salon are going to be the best experience that you’ve witnessed in a salon before. as soon as you walk in you will be introduced to the most relaxing Therapeutic Spa in Tulsa. this is only the beginning as when she puts her hands on you you will experience the touch of relief and instantly feel at ease within your body as she works her wonders. With many services that she offers such as back facials, regular facials, eyebrow waxing, and tinting and Dermaplaning, you will get all of your skin care needs in one place!

If you’re ready to experience one of a kind therapeutic experience you can find that at Dermaplaning Tulsa. Have you ever heard of someone getting a facial on their back? Well, not many people do, that’s why we offer it here! Many people often forget to take care of their backs as it is a hard place to reach and that is why we provide you with the service in order to deep cleanse that back area. the facial typically goes against a gentle steaming to open your pores and lift impurities and we also Follow That by Deep cleansing and exfoliating your fat deserves as much attention as your face. We will also provide your back with a therapeutic mask after the service in order to relieve all that stress and tension and seal it all in.

Have you ever walked into a salon and got a facial and then felt amazing but didn’t know how to keep up with that look? that is why Dermaplaning Tulsa It’s the best because we will provide you with all the knowledge in order for you to keep up with your skin in your home. it doesn’t just stop with us as we will recommend you keep up with the routine as you get home and order for your skin to keep that natural glow. home care Is highly recommended in order for your skin to keep looking the best we recommend our customers use some kind of cleanser to clean their skin after and makeup so that it does not clog their pores and we also recommend using a moisturizer on a regular basis as well as sunscreen to block yourself from the Sun rays.

We’re going to be the best salon for you in order to get all of your beauty needs to be done in one place we can provide you with the most therapeutic service and have you feeling and looking your best once you leave here. We will also provide you with all of the information in order for you to take the information home and keep up with the experience and have your skin looking its best we want you to love your skin

If you are ready to have one of a kind experience with Annie and get all of your facial needs taken care of feel free to give us a call at 918-939-9822. You can also check us out online on our website where we have the information provided as well as a list of services our website is