Looking for a way to freshen up your look this season, why not get a spa facial, eyebrow tinting or waxing, back facial or even Dermaplaning Tulsa? With so many different spa and facial companies popping up around the city, hard to pick which one best for you. The good news is that Therapeutic Touch is the highest-rated and most reviewed spa facial in Jenks. We know a great gift for the holiday season is one of our facial treatments.

If you or a loved one has sensitive skin and is looking for Dermaplaning Tulsa visit Therapeutic Touch. With the winter season and whether starting, the air is getting drier which in turn causes your skin to also get drier. Using one of our facial treatments can help not only make your skin look younger and healthier, but it can also help moisturize and keep your skin glowing all season long. We have everything from spa facials, back facials, dermaplaning, and eyebrow tinting and waxing. At Therapeutic Touch we can help you look your very best for all of those holiday parties coming up, as well as all year-round.

If you’re looking for a way to improves in quality and reduce your wrinkles, Dermaplaning Tulsa is a great way to do so. This process removes dead skin cells as well as fine vellus peers using a medical-grade blade. This is a great alternative to a chemical peel or microdermabrasion which can cause reddening and swelling. By removing the top layer of dead skin cells these process and prevent these cells been trapped inside of your pores. This can help keep dead skin cells from piling up and accentuated the crows feet, wrinkles, or even causing acne that you may have.

For longtime people like me have wondered if the facial actually does anything to help you. I have come to realize through Therapeutic Touch that it very much does. Facials are essentially a multi-step in treatment that is one of the best ways to take care of our skin. It cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin promoting a clear and well-hydrated complexion that can help you look younger. For people like me with high anxiety, facials can also help reduce stress, as well as cleansing and toning the skin, treating any problem areas like acne, and reduce the signs of time and aging by rejuvenating your skin. Facial massage helps promote blood circulation which can lead to skin tone and rejuvenated. They also help detoxify the skin and extract any whiteheads or blackheads you may have leaving your skin clean and clear.

So if you’re looking for a way to help your skin clear and glow for your next holiday party, give us a call at 918-939-9822 or visit Therapeutictouchfacials.com schedule your first facial for 50% off. We know that our eight-step facial will leave you feeling looking and feeling younger and make your skin cleaner and clearer. We know that we can provide you the best experience for all of your facial needs. You can learn more about our services, and read our reviews and watch video testimonials as well.

If you’re looking for Dermaplaning Tulsa, look no further than Therapeutic Touch. Not only do they offer dermaplaning, but they also provide spa facials, eyebrow tinting and waxing, and even back facials. A great way to destress and relax is to get a facial. Life can be super stressful and busy, and everyone needs a way to step back, relax, and reset. By getting a facial one of our other offer services you will be giving yourself a moment of peace. Let us help you find your holiday glow as well as clear and cleanse your skin.

I’ve known a few people in my life who would do various skin treatments such as Dermaplaning Tulsa on a regular basis to help promote healthy skin. While I have never done it myself, I would only recommend Therapeutic Touch to those who are looking for it. For those who do upkeep on their appearance and want to keep themselves looking youthful, they know that these processes should be done on a regular frequency. With Therapeutic Touch you have a couple of different ways to schedule, keep yourself on track. You can call book, or even book online. Site union has treatments, we also provide you with at home care to help keep your skin looking clear and younger today.

With the holiday season around the corner Dermaplaning Tulsa is a great way to keep your face glowing, younger looking, and healthy. We know that you are looking forward to all of those holiday parties you have been invited to, and even more so showing off all those beautiful clothes you bought. Will that be a low back dress, suit and tie, or your brand-new jumpsuit we know you will look your best. The foundation for a great look for everyday as well as in the holiday season is healthy and glowing skin.

You may be wondering what areas Therapeutic Touch provides for, the answer is simple. We not only service Jenks, but also the Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and even the Bixby areas. No matter what facial services you are looking for, or if you’re just looking for a great gift for your loved ones for the holidays, will provide the best experience possible. We know the holiday times can be stressful, looking for the right gifts for all of the people on your list, so there is no better time than now in the season treat yourself to a nice de-stressing facial by Therapeutic Touch.

We believe is not only our job to make people look better but also feel better as well. Because we know that when you feel better, you look better. We make sure to create a very warm and welcoming environment to ensure as much relaxation as possible. Being the highest and most reviewed spa facial in Jenks, we are ready to offer you the best facial service you have ever experienced. For your very first facial you can experience our exquisite services for only 50% off. You can give us a call today at 918-939-9822 or a good book online@therapeutictouchfacials.com to book your very first facial with us. We know that you will love it so much that he will continue to come back again and again.