When you hear about a great new business you want to try it out for yourself, and when you experience a great new business you want to tell everyone you love about. When you are looking for the best place for Dermaplaning Tulsa, make sure you check out Therapeutic Touch. Their goal is to make sure that you feel better and look better. One thing that makes them so much different than other spa companies out there, they actually care about how you feel when you leave.

If you’re anything like my family when these winter months hit, the temperature drops and the air gets dry our skin follow suit. We find ourselves searching for a way to keep our skin hydrated, which actually works. We’ve tried just moisturizers and found that just doesn’t cut it. So we decided to look into Dermaplaning Tulsa. We did some research about various different treatments that can further the moisturizing, toning, and all-around feel of our skin during these very cold months. The most recommended process that we found, was dermaplaning.

So when we were doing research about places that do Dermaplaning Tulsa, we found Therapeutic Touch. My dad and I both experience most of our drying out around our fingers as well as the palm of our hands, while my mother and sister experience most in their face as well as their back. We wondered what the best way to take care of this problem was, so we went to Therapeutic Touch to find out. What we found was much more than just an experience or even just relaxation, we found was a team that actually truly cared about our skin’s well-being and how to make these winter months more comfortable for us.

Annie and her team were able to help us identify all of our problem areas and provide us with treatment to help fix these as well as prevent them. My mom, sister, and I now visit Therapeutic Touch on a regular basis. We go every 4 to 6 weeks to ensure we are keeping our skin healthy, clear, and bright. Every once in a while we decide to treat ourselves and get a back facial as well. While this is mainly just a treat for ourselves, is also a big plus since all those holiday parties are coming soon and my sister is wanting to show off that low back dress, and I’m going to wear makeup. Which believe me it’s a big deal. Being able to do these things without worrying about any irritation, problems with acne, or if your skin will look like there are leftover snowflakes, even if it hasn’t been snowing, is a big relief.

We’ve been telling everyone we know about Therapeutic Touch and the wonderful experience that we had there. My sister and I especially had a bonding experience over our time there because of all of the problems that we had growing up. We’ve always had difficulty being confident in not just loving ourselves, but also in the way that we look. Annie and her team have been able to provide us with a new perspective not only on just our appearance but also on how we should live our life-loving ourselves. You should not hesitate to give them a call today at 918-939-9822 or visit Therapeutictouchfacials.com to book your very first facial with them for only 50% off.

Our founder Annie group in San Diego California received her Esthetician license from Palomar Institute of cosmetology in San Marcos. While Annie tried a variety of different professions, she always came back to one thing, her passion, holistic skincare. She knew she wanted to create a warm and relaxing environment where she could treat clients’ skincare needs and not only help them look better but also feel better. So when you are looking for Dermaplaning Tulsa make sure you check out Therapeutic Touch.

With their teams extensive background and knowledge, you know that you are in good hands. Skincare and skin health are a big part of life and are essential. If you are wanting a good alternative to chemical peels and microdermabrasion, you should look up Dermaplaning Tulsa. Dermaplaning is the process of removing dead skin cells and fine vellus hairs, which is just a fancy name for peach fuzz, using a medical-grade blade. The great alternative to a chemical peel or microdermabrasion because it is not only gentler on the skin, but it doesn’t use any chemicals whatsoever. Improve your skin quality as well as reduce wrinkles are moving the top layer of dead skin cells. In removing these, dermaplaning is the cells getting trapped inside your pores and clogging them. This also gently exfoliates the skin, making it easier for stamps to penetrate your pores.

Therapeutic Touch not only offers Dermaplaning Tulsa, but we also offer spa facials, eyebrow tinting and waxing, and back facials. All facials are is a multi-step skin treatment that is a great way to take care of your skin. We know that during these winter months and frigid temperatures, skin tends to get tight and dry. Any of these services as well as using moisturizer is a great way to combat the effects of the weather. After all who doesn’t want to look great for their holiday party?

So if you have been perusing Pinterest for your holiday party outfit, it’s time you also start thinking about how to make your skin look younger in clear the event as well. With facials, they cleanse, exfoliate, and even nurse your skin which promotes a clear, well hydrated complexion help your skin look younger. You can also get the benefits of produced stress, cleansing and toning of your skin, as well as reducing the signs of time and aging, while also treating problem areas such as fine lines, wrinkles, and even acne. Getting a facial can even help detoxify the skin, and if you have whiteheads or blackheads these can be extracted for you leaving your skin clean and clear.

With the holiday season coming up there is not a better time of the year to treat yourself, while working hard to find all of the perfect gift for your loved ones. After all you’ve been good this year too. So give us a call at 918-939-9822 or if you are short on time, you can also visit Therapeutictouchfacials.com and booked online. While you are there make sure to read all of our wonderful reviews, as well as watch all of our video testimonials. Also just in time for the holidays you’re very first facial with us is just 50% off.