You’re probably asking yourself right now what all you can expect to see after using Therapeutic Touch. Not only can you expect clear and brighter skin, but you can also expect not only look better but feel better as well. Our goal as the leading Dermaplaning Tulsa is to help you feel and look and better than ever. A great way to do this is to help your skin be clearer, brighter, and even tone your skin to help you look better than ever.

As the premier Dermaplaning Tulsa, we hold ourselves to the highest standard. This not only requires the highest level excellence in our services, but also in the missions and goals that we have as company. We know that seeing all of the social media posts with girls that look like supermodels can be very discouraging, however we want to make sure you see just how beautiful you are. After all makeup and facials are only supposed to help accentuate the beauty that already have, not to make you something you are.

A great way to help your face look brighter, clear, and younger in this dry and cold season as well as all year-round, is to have dermaplaning. If you have no idea what that means you do not need to worry, we will make sure that we explain it to you the simplest terms possible that you know exactly what you’re getting and what benefits. If you do know what it means and have been searching Google all over the place for the best Dermaplaning Tulsa, then it has inevitably led you here. We are the highest-rated and most reviewed spa facial in Jenks. So if you are in the Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Bixby, or Jenks area we are the best option for you.

With our eighth step spa facial process, you can expect clear, brighter, and younger looking skin every time. We have worked until we have found the best sequence of procedures that produces the best results. We start you off by assuming your face to prepare the skin and open your pores. This helps to loosen any dirt or makeup on your face, which in turn makes it easier for us to do extractions. Next we perform a cleanse, which is basically a faith wash that removes makeup and dirt from your face. We then begin a consultation by placing moistened pads over your eyes and then locating and addressing any problem areas you may have, from there we decide what treatment is best for you.

Our next step is exfoliating, which is a deeper cleanse. This removes all of the dead skin cells using either a brush or different varieties of scrubs. Doing this can help prevent you from getting pimples because it helps unclog pores that can trap oil underneath your skin. After that we then perform an extraction. This is the process of clearing any and all clogged pores by either manual, or mechanical means. We then help you relax and relieve tension by performing a face massage. A massage not only helps to relieve stress, but also relieves tension, increases blood flow, relieves tense muscles, and can help decrease fine lines. We then finish up my moisturizing and adding sunscreen to help protect your face from sun damage. Give us a call at 918-939-9822 today work as a to schedule your very first patient with us for 50% off.

There are so many reasons, as well as services in which you need to use professional. Just like you would not go to your hairstylist to give you advice on how to prevent cavities, you definitely do not want to try and perform any health procedures on yourself. You are anything like me, you’re not a doctor, therefore I do not know what the best products to use on my face would be can help get rid of any acne in unclog pores without having a reaction. So then what should you do when you are looking for Dermaplaning Tulsa?

Just like when you need to have an oil change for your car, or you need to fix a chipped tooth you call a trusted provider. We aim to be your trusted Dermaplaning Tulsa. Our team is well educated, and has an extensive history of performing these procedures. We have studied and know how to do everything from spa facials, dermaplaning, eyebrow tinting and waxing, and even back facials. We are not sure if you’ve ever tried to give yourself a back massage, however we can tell you that it is difficult if not impossible. Just like it is difficult sometimes to make your eyeliner match on both sides, it can be very difficult to preform a proper facial on yourself.

With all of these reasons in mind, you need look for the best Dermaplaning Tulsa. Because we are the highest-rated and most reviewed spa facial in Jenks, we know that we are more than capable of taking on this task. On top of being able to provide you with a variety of services in-house, we can also tell you how to take better care of your skin in between appointments at your own home. We always recommend that our clients use a cleanser on a daily basis so that they can make sure to clean out their skin of any dirt and makeup. He also recommends that these moisturizers on a regular basis in order to help hydrate and protect their skin. Lastly we recommend that sunscreen be used on the regular in order to protect yourself from UVA and UVB radiation as well as other forms of sun damage.

At Therapeutic Touch we know a facial is more than just an experience. We know that it is essentially a multi step skin treatment that is one, if not the best way to help take care of your skin. We know that this can cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish your skin, which in turn promotes a clear and well hydrated complexion which can help you look younger. A few of the benefits you can receive from having a facial are reducing stress, cleansing and toning your skin, treating problem areas such as wrinkles and acne, and even reducing the signs of time and aging by rejuvenating the skin overall. Also if you have any problems with whiteheads or blackheads, no worries, we can extract them for you leaving your skin clear and clean.

We know that with our eight step facial process we will leave your skin looking cleaner, younger, clear, and even feeling more elastic. The experimentation we found that doing these eight steps in the specific order help promote blood circulation which can help clear your skin of not only acne, but also helps us better remove dead skin cells, which can in turn reduce the sign of any wrinkles. Typically with us give us a call today at 918-939-9822 or go online at and get 50% off your first facial with us.