We invite you to experience the best facial Tulsa therapeutic touch we offer in each step program that helps you feel rejuvenated and young again even through all of the stress of the busy day to day life. We want to make sure that you feel as beautiful as ever. Our job is to help you an answer natural beauty we offer a relaxing tinting and even back facials to make sure they were entire body feels completely relaxed Facials Tulsa when you leave our offices never again will you feel guilty about taking time for yourself are facials are affordable and very lengthy so you will get all the time you need to relax and recuperate.

At therapy to touch patients we also have a numerous of different services that we are able to offer you and your loved ones told you to feel relaxed and at home again. I would like to invite you to ask about our fall facials that will give you feeling rejuvenated and healthy for the fall weather to come. The harsh weather can be very damaging on the skin and we want to make sure that your skin is prepped and prepared for the changing of the Facials Tulsa seasons. We invite you to call us today to book your four facials.

Still not convinced that we are the best faculties in Tulsa, our eight step program is very in-depth to make sure that you have the best service possible. We start by giving your face an extreme cleanse so that we may have a clean canvas to work on for all of your facial needs next week if your Facials Tulsa consultation where we go over every concern that you may have about your face’s condition. Exfoliation of the facial or next time we take great pride in knowing that you will get the best exfoliation that you have ever had on your face.

We will treat your skin as if it was our own and we will make sure that you leaving feeling 100% satisfied you deserve to feel as beautiful as you already are and with therapeutic touch is easier than ever to relax and gain the staycation that you’ve always wanted you don’t even have to leave Tulsa to feel young again. Our reviews speak for themselves with 5.0 ratings across-the-board we are Tulsa‘s number one for facials. It has truly been a pleasure being able to serve the Tulsa community and we look forward to many more years with our dedicated customers. We are glad that we are able to give them such a relaxing experience that they choose us time and time again for their spa experiences.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to do your research and consider us for your spa facial today. We would like to invite you to visit us online at therapeutic touch facials.com to schedule your free consultation today slots are filling up fast and we would like to be able to service everyone possible so please go online or give us a call at 918-939-9822.

Facials Tulsa | The Best Care For Your Skin

Therapeutic touch offers the best facials Tulsa area. With a white variety of services to choose from you can ensure that when you walk through our doors you will be taken care of from the moment that you enter to the moment that you leave. We will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated with our 60 and 90 minute facials. We also offer eyebrow tinting and eyebrow waxing to enhance the natural beauty that you walked in with. We invite you to ask about our fall facials with the colder weather coming around. It is important as ever to make sure that your skin is hydrated and refreshed every morning that you wake up. We would also like to offer a free consultation to help you with your skin care routine to make sure that you are always feeling as rejuvenated and happy as ever.

With our eight step program you will never find a better facial Tulsa. We take the time to get to know your face and make sure that we have included every consideration or concern that you may have about your facial. We start by steaming, cleansing the skin so that we have a fresh canvas to enhance your beauty. After your consultation and exfoliation then we will extract your skin to make sure that it is prepped and ready for the Facials Tulsa. Your facial massage will come with a moisturizer and a protectant to make sure that you’re helping your skin bounce back as long as I can.

We are the highest recommended official Tulsa and we pride ourselves in keeping our five star rating with happy and rejuvenating customers coming back to us quickly. We treat every member as we would our own skin. We want to make sure that you feel you are getting the best Facials Tulsa service possible. It is important to us that you feel as beautiful as you already are when you leave our area. Ask about our lip and eyebrow waxing today. We are always prepared to help people enhance natural beauty. Curious about if your facial at home is doing enough for your skin, book your free consultation today and have one of our experts help you with your skin care routine without the hassle of peddling products.

We thank you for taking the time to consider us for your facial today. Will you promise that you will not be disappointed in therapeutic touch facials by Annie. Our customers always leave feeling happy and more rejuvenated than when they come in. We understand the stress of day-to-day life and are hoping to help you erase all of the blemishes that you feel are causing you agony. We can be contacted on our website at therapeutic touch facials.com or you can call us today and book your free consultation with one of our experience services at 918-939-9822 thank you for choosing therapeutic touch as your facial company today