Is the stress of the workplace dragging you down? Come to therapeutic touch facials Tulsa. We can guarantee that you will feel rejuvenated and stress-free when you leave our offices. We offer everything from 60 minute to 90 minute facials as well as eyebrow tinting in waxing and back facials you will have everything you need to feel as young and rejuvenated as ever. We also would like to introduce our fall facials available now. Will you believe in doing everything you can to enhance your natural beauty and leave you feeling relaxed and stress-free? You deserve to feel as beautiful as you already are. and leave you feeling relaxed and stress-free you deserve to feel as beautiful as you already are. We cannot wait to meet you and help you relax and destress your body.

Our step process makes us the best facials in Tulsa. We start by steaming and cleansing your face so that we can get a clear canvas picture of all that we have to work with. Your consultation will help us evaluate any lines, wrinkles or blemishes that you are concerned about. And we will be able to explain all we can do for you to help you enhance the natural beauty that you already have. After your consultation I will do a Facials Tulsa exfoliation and extraction to prep your face for your beautiful facial. We will then give you your facial massage to help you rejuvenate your skin.

Ask about our fall facials Tulsa today and see what we can do to get you ready for the bright and beautiful season of fall with colder weather comes colder skin and we want to make sure that your skin is prepped and ready to enhance all of the freezing temperatures that you may experience in the Oklahoma area your skin is a very important part of your body and you want to make sure that you were doing everything you can to protect and rejuvenate it as such.

You can be sure that at therapeutic touch also we do not just slap the same facials onto every customer that walks in the door we make sure to moisturize and protect your skin through every process and service that we bring to the table. You will never have to worry about us cutting corners with your official experience. Our entire goal is to have you leaving feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated than you did when you walked in. We understand that the stress of life can take a very big toll on how we view ourselves.

We would like to thank you for considering us for your facial experience in Tulsa. We are proud to be able to offer our services and we hope that you live feeling just as beautiful as you were when you came in. If not more please ask about our 60 and 90 minute facials when you arrive at the store today. Schedule your free consultation today at therapeutic or give us a call at 918-939-9822 we look forward to servicing all of your special needs.

Facials Tulsa I Feel Young Again

Pat therapeutic touch facials Tulsa we believe in enhancing your natural beauty. Our train staff is prepared to do a free consultation with you today to talk about all of the concerns you may have about your skins processing. Aging is natural but it doesn’t have to be something you should fear. Feel young again by coming in and getting the chance to relax and give your skin the well-deserved rest that it needs. We hope to leave every client feeling as beautiful as they already are our job is simply to enhance the natural beauty that you already have we are excited to meet you today.

We are the highest recommended official Tulsa and we pride ourselves in keeping our five star rating with happy and rejuvenating customers coming back to us quickly. We treat every member as we would our own skin. We want to make sure that you feel you are getting the best service possible. It is important to us that you feel as beautiful as you already are when you leave our area. Ask about our lip and eyebrow waxing today. We are always prepared to help people enhance natural beauty. Curious about if your facial at home is doing enough for your skin, book your free Facials Tulsa consultation today and have one of our experts help you with your skin care routine without the hassle of peddling products.

With our eight step program you will never find a better facial Tulsa. We take the time to get to know your face and make sure that we have included every consideration or concern that you may have about your facial. We start by steaming, cleansing the Facials Tulsa skin so that we have a fresh canvas to enhance your beauty. After your consultation and exfoliation then we will extract your skin to make sure that it is prepped and ready for the facial. Your facial massage will come with a moisturizer and a protectant to make sure that you’re helping your skin bounce back as long as I can.

Ask her about our additional services today such as lip and eyebrow waxing and eyebrow tinting giving you simple touches just to make your face pop. Your friends and family will envy how good you look. We always believe in taking the time to treat and rest your self with all of the day today stress that you handle you should not feel guilty about taking a well-deserved break. It’s OK to be selfish every once in a while and we are here to help you take the time for yourself. Like the gift of giving we offer gift certificates for friends and family to also enjoy our services

We thank you for taking the time to consider us for your facial today. Will you promise that you will not be disappointed in therapeutic touch facials by Annie. Our customers always leave feeling happy and more rejuvenated than when they come in. We understand the stress of day-to-day life and are hoping to help you erase all of the blemishes that you feel are causing you agony. We can be contacted on our website at therapeutic touch or you can call us today and book your free consultation with one of our experience services at 918-939-9822 thank you for choosing therapeutic touch as your facial company today