It doesn’t matter what type is skin that you have when you are wanting the best facials Tulsa then you need to come to Therapeutic Touch. Our amazing professional has a wide variety of services to help you look and feel your best. Not only are you going to leave our office with amazing skill but you are also going to look younger. How amazing is it that after one service you’re going to know the you look younger? It’s like you are able to come into our office and we are literally going to reverse time for you. This is why you need to trust us with your skin care needs when you come to Therapeutic Touch.

We are going to offer you an amazing and wide variety of services for all of your facials Tulsa needs here at Therapeutic Touch. We have many types of facials we are able to offer you that as a base we are able to offer you a basic packages for pricing. The first facial that we have is a 60 minute facial this is going to address it your basics is give the major things taken care of. For more in-depth and better facial you can get a 90 minute facial, this means we are going to be able to address all of your basic needs and really make sure that everything your letting us take care of. Now if you are dealing with acne on your back we are also able to give you a back facial. This ensures you’re going to look amazing in that dress that you’ve been avoiding wearing.

We have more than just facials Tulsa at Therapeutic Touch. We are also going to be able to offer you some services for your eyebrows. The first service we are able to offer you is tempting for your eyebrows. Whenever we meet here colored your eyebrows are always going to be up to match as we want to help them much better work make sure that they are not great so we offer you the best eyebrow tinting will find. We also able to give you eyebrow waxing to make sure that they are in tiptop shape. If you have other face at her having her not wanting such as your with area we offer the thing. All of these services are going to make sure that you are looking at feeling your best and give you more confidence.

Lease of the therapeutic touch is clear to see that you are going to leave our offices walking with your head held high. This is because you know you are looking younger and you are looking like you’re amazing and beautiful self again. In case you needed any more reasons to come into our office we also offer you a dermaplane service for you. This is going to leave your skin absolutely amazing.

It is easy to see that trusting Therapeutic Touch is going to be a good choice for you and that we are going to be a good fit for you. This is why we go ahead and get you scheduled so make sure that you pick up your phone and give us a call at 918-939-9822. If you’re wanting anything else from us go to our website at

Facials Tulsa | The Offer You Can’t Pass Up

We know for the most and credible as well as the most affordable facials Tulsa have software you need to come to Therapeutic Touch. Not only did our founders go to school for a really long time to make sure she is able to professionally give you the best services but she also has some years of experience. This is what ensures the you are going to be satisfied with our services and know that there is nothing that we can do to make your skin look amazing. Whatever services are competitors offer we are going to be able to do them better than they are.

We’re so excited to have you and Therapeutic Touch for the best facials Tulsa you will ever receive. To show you how amazing our services can be we want to have you tried them at an affordable price. When you come in for the very first time we are able to offer you 50% off your first facial. This is an incredible deal because it is so hard to find a facial service that is affordable. This is such a good deal and none of our other competitors are offering you something so amazing like this. You’re going to one of our team to help you with all of your facial means time and time again after you come in for your first one of the discount. This offer will get your foot in the door but the amazing results that we will leave you with one have you coming back many times in the future.

As you can see here at Therapeutic Touch we truly believe that we give you the best facials Tulsa that you could ever find. We really believe in the offer and services that we have for you which is why we want to give you such a good discount. If you trust us just once for your first time we know that we will be able to help you with all of your skin care needs. We are living in such a crazy time right now and one thing they even did make yourself feel better is to help you live in feel more confident by taking care of your skin. We are going to leave you looking younger and have more hydrated skin. We know that you are going to be absolutely blown away and satisfied with our services.

Therapeutic Touch is going to do any of your skin care needs better than anybody else in the business. Our competitors will offer you an amazing deal like this and they aren’t even going to be able to take care of your skin in the way that we are. This is because we truly care about you and are able to assess your skin type as well as the results that you are planning and find the best combination of facial services and products you get you looking your best. We are also going to be able to offer you products for home healthcare so that you are going to make sure that your facial is long-lasting and may you’re going to look amazing for a really long time. Our competitors don’t even have the knowledge for that.

To claim your facial for half off go ahead and go to her website and you can fill out your information and submitted to us there. You can also get scheduled by calling us at 918-939-9822.