For the best facial in town looking for the facials Tulsa ok. 918-939-9822 When you come to therapeutic touch facials you’re not just getting an average facial scrub repeals that you’re actually getting an excellent spa experience. So when asked what first happens is you can either choose to do a 60 minute facial 90 minute facial back facial eyebrow tinting and waxing or lip waxing in derma plane. And on her website it just goes into detail what that actually means for you. So if you want to see the steps that you go through to be able to make sure you getting the optimal facial experience go and visit her website online and then you can also learn more about derma playing with that on balls as well as the eyebrow tinting and waxing as well.

So when you first step into the spot that your first time with therapeutic touch actually get $20 off your first facial with us. Now the first step to a facial is first the number one step is the steam this will open up your face and prepare the skin and really open up the pores for deep claims and it helps loosen the dirt and also you know maybe that make up on your face to do some extractions and really clean it thoroughly. The next step is the step number two which is the cleansing and add a cleanser is basically a face wash that removes your makeup dirt from the face so we can have a blank canvas to work with as well as at some of the products that she uses here at therapeutic touch include products such as derma Logica highest clinical and morale.

This will actually really hit the cleansing and removing that certain access make it really prepare the skin for masks and treatment. Next up is the consultation and really we want to know we know what it’s consultation is to cover your eyes what with moistened had and also use a magnifying lamp to see what kind of skin type you are and how to address the skin needs. So before really they do anything to put anything on your skin anyone’s to make sure what kind of skin she’s working with here. Phone touch 918-939-9822 Facials Tulsa ok.

So then we went except we will also one that you know locate any kind of problem areas so maybe I am around you knows you get a lot of blackheads or maybe even you have some acne scarring on your chin and these are all identifying markers and we want to be able to get to that so we know exactly how to treat it. So we address treatments and problem areas such as lines wrinkles blackheads whiteheads acne marks oily skin dry skin combination skin. Facials Tulsa ok.

So with this we want to go through consultation and the first step is to know cover your eyes make sure you getting everything you need especially identifying the markers of the skin where their problem areas. So Chris and this is not kind of a one-size-fits-all little facial we went and make sure you’re getting what you need for your skin type and not somebody else’s. Own touch touch on

Who Can Offer The Best Facials Tulsa OK?

Facials Tulsa ok is the place to go for your face. If you’re looking for a exfoliation claim cleansing extraction massage moisture and protection and consultation then come to therapeutic touch facials by any air located in Jinks and they are most highest and most reviewed faceless endings Oklahoma. Phone touch 918-939-9822

Of course you want to be able to maintain the cleanliness of your skin while also protecting it from here the weather whether it’s a scorching hot day in the sun is coming down upon you and you do not rarely sunscreen or it’s a cold day and you seem to just have cracks in your skin. Every skin type is welcome here at therapeutic touch and we would make sure you’re getting a facial that is built customized for you and your skin type. If you have never been to therapeutic touch facials then you should know that on your first visit you get $20 off your first spa facial. So if I get you in the door than we had been doing her job. And you should deftly find out why we are the highest rated and most viewed faceless in Jinks Oklahoma. Facials Tulsa OK that come from us will be the best for you!

One of two things that we do here before we actually start the faceless have a consultation. That means I’m putting a magnifying glass over your face to see what kind of skin type you have and how to address the skin issues you might be facing. Of course some of those problem areas will probably have all you we might have overall oily skin dry skin or he might have a combination skin you might have your T-zone which is eNote generally very oily that your chin have you know is very dry. We want to address all those issues and make sure we’re treating your face different from anybody else’s.

Facials Tulsa ok place to go out for all your spatial and rotten needs. We did back facials are facials micro eyebrow tinting brow waxing and even derma planing. Of course we want to be able to explain all of the CD if you’re not aware what these are our you want to know the steps involved in facial maybe never got one before all the information you can find on the website for therapeutic touch facials. 918-939-9822

Don’t let your face go neglected. Or even your back. Most people find that if you don’t see it and that there’s no one will notice. So therapeutic touch facials by any in Jinks took almost every place to go per plate of relaxing massage or even facial. You get a facial massage during the facial itself. You also get exfoliation extraction moisture is Asian and protection. That’s all they somewhat your facial and skin type is all about. That is why we do the consultation.