In addition to Tulsa Dermaplaning we are going to be able offer you the most high quality facial services. This is our life’s passion, as dermaplaning is just an additional services we offer. Our core business is providing people with small facials that are going to provide them the ability to not only feel great on the outside, but feel great on the inside. This is our motivation for we can beat each and every day in providing our customers with excellent service. The ability to impact people’s well-being not only physically, it also mentally is a very rewarding perk of the job.

Other facial services that we offer in addition to Tulsa dermaplaning include things like eyebrow tinting and waxing. While we covered eyebrow waxing and other article, we did not touch on eyebrow tinting. Eyebrow tinting is the process of putting on a semipermanent die that is going to truly enhance in shape your eyebrows. We’re going to apply this serum in a multitude of different directions. First we are going to apply the treatment to your eyebrows in the direction that your hair naturally grows. Once this sets we are going to go back the other direction and apply it in opposition to the natural growth direction of your hair. This is going to allow a full and blowing application.

May be in addition to your Tulsa dermaplaning you want to receive it back facial. Back facial very very popular treatment. This is because it is one of the most relaxing experiences you’ll ever have. It is much like a traditional facial you receive well on your face, but it is applied to your back. The same great benefits the you’re going to receive from having this process and your face is going to be transferred to your back as well. In addition to the amazing benefits the you are going to receive like that, nothing feels better than having this applied to your skin on your back. It is like a therapeutic massage and facial all in one. Receive your deep cleansing back facial today by calling one of our customer service representatives this going to provide you with outstanding customer service each and every time. All you need to do is dial 918-939-9822.

As always we offer amazing promotions on our website. Whenever you go to our home page on we are going to make sure the you are up today on all of the amazing promotions we have. These continuously change to check back frequently to make sure that there is not a promotion the you would like to take advantage of. We rotate these promotions so the you are able to receive great savings no matter what service you are interested in.

Now that we give giving you a quick rundown and a brief explanation of some of the services we offer, we encourage you to visit our website and learn about more of the services we provide, with a little more detail. This is going to allow you to choose the right service for you. You can find these are going to Whenever you are ready to book your facial treatment all you have to do is call 918-939-9822.

No matter what your preferred method of contacting us for your Tulsa dermaplaning we are going to be very responsive. This because we are committed to make sure the no matter what your typical contact method is that we are able to earn your business. By being responsive in a number of different contact methods, we are going to show you just how much we want to provide you the amazing services we offer here at Therapeutic Touch. Some of the most commonly used methods are things such as Facebook messenger, text messaging, phone calls, and customer contact forms our website. No matter which one you choose we are going to make sure that we get back to you shortly.

In addition to being able to contact us for your Tulsa dermaplaning you’re also going to be old to contact us for your other spa services well. The matter if you’re looking to get a back facial, home care, eyebrow tinting waxing, or just a traditional spa facial we are going to be able to take care of you. All you need to do is get contact with us the one of the after mentioned contact methods. Let’s say you want to give us a call. We can make that extremely easy on you by providing our phone number here. Whenever you call 918-939-9822 you’re going to be could in contact with one of the most highly trained customer sales people you’ve ever met. They’re going to be committed to providing you with customer service and getting you the facial treatments that you need. Don’t waste the time and make sure you take care of this important scheduling step right now.

We’re going to make scheduling your Tulsa dermaplaning easier than ever. This why we have a built in future our website allows you to schedule your first appointment. All you need to do is go to and right there in the first page you will see where you can schedule your appointment. This makes it incredibly easy and convenient for you to set up a time to come in the facial treatments that you’ve been. The matter if this is dermaplaning or one of our other amazing services we are going to make it so easy on you to schedule, there is no excuse not to do it right now. In addition to making it extremely easy, right now you can receive 50% off your first facial!

Whenever you are ready to receive the benefits of dermaplaning such as wrinkle prevention, less oily basis, smoother makeup application as well is just feeling more refreshed all you need to do is contact us. The only method we would say that you should not use a strapping your booking request to turn back and sending it that way. In our experience this is a slow and inconsistent way to deliver your appointment. While we are not saying do not do it, we are saying do not do it. Just about any other contact method however will work will be very responsive and getting the schedule.

At the end of day the easiest to methods of contacting us or via our website in by phone. will provide us information that we need to get a hold of you and schedule your first appointment. Or you can just call into our phone directly by dialing 918-939-9822.