You’ve been told before that makeup doesn’t make you beautiful. This is true; you make you beautiful, and you are beautiful no matter what. But sometimes, that beauty gets hidden by blemishes, pimples, blackheads. Most of us have gone through face wash after face wash after face wash to get rid of those problems, but nothing seems to work. Our faces keep getting dirty and blemished, covering up our beauty. That’s not how it has to be, though. Annie at Therapeutic Touch wants you to know that there is a way to make your skin younger and healthier. As a leader in Tulsa Dermaplaning, Annie understands the ins and outs of skincare and how to reestablish the self-confidence that you have lost.

This is a vulnerable subject. We don’t like to talk about our acne. We just try to deal with it and cover it up when necessary. We’re afraid of what people will think if they see our faces covered with blemishes. But Annie wants to give us, as women, the power to move past embarrassment to see ourselves as we are: beautiful and valuable women. She has worked hard for years with women like us to help them get past the self-confidence problems associated with blemishes. As an experienced worker in Tulsa Dermaplaning and facials, and he has the tools to get rid of the dirt and grease so that your natural beauty can shine through. Annie knows that you are beautiful and that you only need to do to show it is believed in yourself and give your skin the care that it needs.

What kinds of services does Annie provide? She focuses most on facials, which include deep cleansing, exfoliation, with radiation, and Tulsa Dermaplaning. She also provides back facials, which can help with the acne and blemishes that appear on your back. Finally, she also works with eyebrows, providing tints and waxings to shape your eyebrows into attractive shapes.

Annie understands that coming to her for the first time can be nerve-racking. That’s why she offers a 50%-off special for your first facial. I’ll give you a chance to try her services out with less pressure so that you can get the chance to trust her and get a better idea of what she can do for you. With years of working with women who are plagued by self-doubt because of their blemishes, she knows how to help you feel comfortable with her and with yourself. And let’s not forget that facials are just relaxing. It will be a pleasant experience no matter what.

Would you like to get into contact with Annie to learn more? Visit her website,; give her a call at 918-939-9822; or visit one of her social media pages: Therapeutic Touch Tulsa Facials (Facebook) and therapeutictouchfacials (Instagram). Annie wants to help you regain confidence in yourself and understand that you are, and always have been, beautiful. Restore your confidence in yourself today.

Tulsa Dermaplaning | How Can I Get Rid Of My Acne?

Has been a source of trouble for me since I was 11 years old. And, unfortunately for me, that seemed to be an earlier age than most of my classmates. I walked around school with my first pimple, huge, red, and angry, only to run into a boy who pointed at his chin, grinned stupidly, and asked, “Is that a wart?” I was very embarrassed, and, honestly, that’s probably why I have so much self-esteem issues with acne, even though that was 13 years ago and I realize that he was just a stupid kid. Since then, I’ve spent years trying to tame acne and had a very hard time finding success. Just this morning I woke up with a chin that looks like a pockmarked moonscape. Little did I know the wonders that facials could work. If only I had known Annie, leader of Tulsa Dermaplaning, back when I was 11.

Annie of Therapeutic Touch understands that acne is embarrassing and that it masks your natural beauty. It certainly doesn’t erase your beauty, but it does make it harder to see. She doesn’t want us to deal with the shame that the blemishes can cause; she wants us to be able to experience our beauty with extreme confidence. That’s why she started doing facials and Tulsa Dermaplaning. Having worked with women for so long, and being a woman herself, she realizes how important it is to bestow women with this confidence. Needless to say, I don’t think she will be changing her job anytime soon.

At Therapeutic Touch, you can get intensive facials that include cleansing, exfoliation, moisturization, Tulsa Dermaplaning, and more. You can also get facials for your back to help calm the pimples that make it painful to touch your shoulders. She also does eyebrow care, which can make your brows more full and shapely. All of these services are cleansing and beneficial for your skin, meant to help you look younger and healthier, restoring your natural beauty and glow.

Acne and blemishes are hard to talk about (especially when you’ve had an experience as I have), and Annie knows this. That’s why she wants to make it as convenient as possible for you to get in contact with her. Her website is full of options, from emailing to calling, and she has social media pages on Instagram, therapeutictouchfacials, and Facebook, Therapeutic Touch Tulsa Facials. In addition to the easy contact methods, Annie also offers 50% off of your first facial to help you get acclimated to the process and more comfortable with her. This will make it easier to get started on your road to healthier skin.

If you’re ready to get in contact with Annie, visit her website,; give her a call at 918-939-9822; or visit one of her social media pages. The office is located at 1100 Riverwalk Terrace, just by the river in Jenks. Take the first step to restoring your self-confidence today.