Are you searching for a place to get a good facial? Are you looking for a service to help you clear up the acne on your face? Why not go to the highest and most-reviewed Spa Facial in Jenks? With glowing reviews and stellar services, Therapeutic Touch is the best place you can go to the Tulsa area. Annie offers wonderful facials, Tulsa Dermaplaning, back facials, and eyebrow shaping. With a woman who cares as much about her clients has Annie, you just can’t go wrong.

Why should you get a facial in the first place? Aren’t facials just luxuries that rich people get to pamper themselves with? Not! Facials are a great way to clean your skin and restore natural beauty that has been hidden by acne or pimples. Annie, the leader in Tulsa Dermaplaning, knows that pimples and acne are the biggest hindrances to self-esteem regarding looks and beauty. Annie understands the stream that can come from having a face full of acne, and she wants to help. Thus, she works her hardest to make sure that every customer feels good themselves.

What is included in a facial? First, you will receive a deep cleansing, the likes of which you are never able to accomplish with your face wash at home. Then you will experience exfoliation, moisturization, massaging, Tulsa Dermaplaning, and more. When you leave, your face will feel clean and useful, and you will realize that all your skin needed was just a nice, deep cleaning. You are beautiful already; the fact he was only hiding that beauty.

Any offers more than just facials: She also offers back facials and eyebrow shaping. Its back facials include everything that is included in regular facial, except that it is done on your back and shoulders instead of your face. Have you ever tried to scratch an itch on your shoulder, only to accidentally nick a pimple? I know I have, and it is pleasure in the slightest. Back facials can help clear up the skin on your back so that that becomes much less of a problem. And then, eyebrow shaping includes waxing and tinting so that you can make your eyebrows the shape that you want, whether you want them to look more full or less bushy. No matter what you need, Annie can help.

Interested in trying out a facial but afraid of the cost? Don’t worry. Annie offers your first facial to you at half price. Annie wants to make sure that you feel comfortable with her services and are not intimidated by high prices. Just visit her website,, or give her a call at 918-939-9822 to find out more. Feel free to stop by when a social media pages: Therapeutic Touch Tulsa Facials (Facebook) or therapeutictouchfacials (Instagram). Her office is located at 1100 Riverwalk Terrace, just off beautiful Arkansas in Riverwalk. Come on in and experience the joy of healthier skin. Unmask your natural beauty.

Tulsa Dermaplaning | Therapeutic Touch Is The Best Facial Service In The Tulsa Area.

You know about a lot of places for facials, but you just can’t seem to find the right one. No one seems personable or caring enough to take care of your skin. If that’s the case, that you haven’t met Annie at Therapeutic Touch, the leader in Tulsa Dermaplaning. With a lot of experience working with women who are not comfortable in their natural beauty, Annie knows how to make you feel comfortable and beautiful.

We all know how blemished skin can make you feel uncomfortable, unconfident, and dirty. That’s why Annie is so committed to working with you. She wants to make sure that every customer feels beautiful and valuable. When you come into Therapeutic Touch, you will look around, take in the relaxing atmosphere, and experience amazing facials, Tulsa Dermaplaning, back facials, and eyebrow shaping.

What all is included in a facial? In the first event, you’ll get a deep cleansing, better than anything that you could give yourself a home. Next, there will be exfoliation moisturization, massaging, Tulsa Dermaplaning, and more. It is a peaceful, restful, relaxing experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, review needed, and more confident in yourself. What about back facials? Is there a way to deal with the activity her back that twinges every time you try to scratch your shoulders? Absolutely. That’s what back facials are for. You will leave feeling so much cleaner, and win back the goes away, you will feel freer. Eyebrow shaping is also an option available at Annie’s, both with waxing and tinting so that you can achieve exactly the look that you are looking for. Have you been thinking about getting a facial for a while, but have always been afraid because of the price? Again, Annie is ahead of you. She has made an offer that allows a customer to get one facial for half off. That way you can get started into their business and get a taste of what is going on without having to go all in the. Just visit the Therapeutic Touch website or give them a call for more info.

Annie knows better than anyone how low you can feel when you are covered with pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, or just plain old acne. Acne may not but it can hide it. Annie doesn’t like to see this, which is why she works so hard to make sure that you understand that you are beautiful and that you have. All that needs to happen is some deep cleansing and exfoliation to make your skin shine with its natural beauty.

Ready to schedule the first day of the rest of life ready to start pursuing your natural beauty is that it painted beauty? Find us at 1100 Riverwalk Terrace; visit our website,; or call our number, 918-939-9822. Also feel free to visit whenever social media pages: Therapeutic Touch Tulsa Facials (Facebook) or therapeutictouchfacials (Instagram). Annie is ready to see you and lead you in the direction of healthier, younger-looking skin.