For a warm and inviting experience then choose to attend or go to and check out Tulsa facial spa. 918-939-9822 Annie is the owner and founder of therapeutic touch facials and she is a warm kind person and she really makes you feel welcome and relax while also helping you solve the skin problems that you have. Whether it be dry skin spots dry spots on your skin or enlarged pores due to dirt buildup and even in one facial treatment your skin will feel so much better and Juergen want to continue to come back because you want to have that brighter glow and healthier skin and it also very sick silky like a baby’s bottom.

Your first facial with therapeutic touch Tulsa Facial Spa get $20 off your first facial you can choose to do the 60 facial we can do the 90 minute facial. And a lot of positive things come out of that experience where you connect they be am able to learn more about your skin how to treat it. Because everybody skin is different so it’s always out at you know and having an inviting space with a clean and space is was also very incredible and knowledgeable facial way can learn more about how to treat your skin outside of the facial. Anymore always take the time to make sure that she can explain each product use and how to find it and also I discover better version of yourself when you have healthier skin that also walkway in the skin feels a little bit tighter which is nice.

918-939-9822 so if this is your first facial ever you will absolutely love it because it’s absolutely amazing because you actually will get $20 off your first facial treatment. Any who is the owner and founder of the small businesses vary from them always do a fantastic job to make sure that you leave with the glow on your face. So your first facial it will deftly be done in a professional way to where she cannot know your skin better know exactly how to treat it what kind of products to use. She also give you guide of how to do home care by yourself when you’re not there or in a facial spot. She also can do brow tents as well as waxing and back facial and derma plane. Tulsa facial spa

So for the best facial around or the best patient ever had in your life and here is therapeutic touch facials by any of the atmosphere sounds and aromas and spar are just absolutely perfect. Cannot go wrong signal deftly will be able to book your next appointment with Annie. Annie who is the owner and founder is here to talk to she’s accommodating as well as meeting her and exceeding her clients needs. You will feel relaxed and renewed when you’re facial is complete and she will even tent and I brought in lecture eyebrows.

SHe will let all the products used on your face and she will give you some recommendations on what to do at home when you’re not in the spa. You will not regret booking appointment with Annie. She is open Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. Monday through Saturday her spot is open from 10 AM to 7 PM and her Sunday hours are 12 PM to 5 PM. 918-939-9822 Tulsa facial spa

How Can I Book My Tulsa Facial Spa Appointment Today?

Book your appointment today with Tulsa facial spa therapeutic touch facials by any located in Jinks Oklahoma. Hours of operation are Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. Hours due very on Sunday her hours are 12 PM to 5 PM but Monday through Saturday her hours of operation are 10 AM to 7 PM. So feel free to go online and book your appointment and as well as this is your first visit to the fabulous spa treatment and also you are new to the therapeutic touch family you should know that your first facial will you also receive $20 off your first facial with us. To take advantage of it before it is gone.

Any is the owner and founder of the company’s very accommodating she wants to always make sure that she’s creating an atmosphere as well as aroma that will relax you and give you a center of calm so that you can ask a spent some time and just relaxing and getting also some clear beautiful tight skin.

If you wanted to clear skin in the shortest amount of time to make had tend to facial. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on creams serums potions you deftly want to be able to get a visa facial once a month. And also if you’re looking to keep your eye brows well-groomed to establish a place to go. Not usually last between even if you’re looking to get it to you never got a tent before and it’s just a little bit a minimal color that last usually between 2 to 6 weeks. And they did two coats but attempting to make sure they didn’t even code on each eyebrow. So those that into the tinting and the waxing in the same time that we have a fresh look when you come out your appointment. Tulsa facial spa.

This is my last article on writing for the day and I want to tell you that your experience at this fabulous spa therapeutic touch facials can probably be the best bocce you’ve ever had its clean as professional as the Annie’s always punctual when it comes to making sure the points are on time and ending on time as well as high-quality and also adding the value. And when I talk about value I mean if this is your first time at therapeutic touch facials you actually get a facial treatment for $20 off. And any is not what skin care and she’s very caring and thoughtful about when it comes to choosing the best skin care in the best products for you as an individual. You will leave with a facial glowing as well as feeling refreshed with tighter skin.

If you actually will be able to beat the clock are mediated and you know hold off on the lines and wrinkles then this is the best move for you as well as the derma planing this is to remove the dead skins or the first layer of dead skin cells on your face a lot of times they can build up and actually cause some of the acne oil and access oil and even dry skin. 918-939-9822 Tulsa facial spa.